Which session will you attend?

1-Day Training, $450 • 2-Day Training, $897


Go beyond the basics and be one of the best investments your clients have made.

With a foundation built on community over competition, we are dedicated to elevating the personal styling industry and providing you with skills, tools, and resources to serve the clients you adore even better and more fully.


Pause. Learn. Be better.

We recognize the drive and hustle of working personal stylists and have crafted every minute of REFINE to be full of excitement, heart, and encouragement. You will be welcomed into an intimate training environment, where you will feel heard, your skills will be refreshed, and your motivation reignited. But more than anything, our goal is for you to leave REFINE equipped with new ways to provide clients with the best personal styling experience.


One City, Two Sessions

REFINE will take place in New York City during two sessions: February 11-12 and February 14-15, 2019. Keep reading to learn more about our 2-day training. We would love to see you there!


Day 1

  • Capsule Wardrobes, P1

    Defining a Client’s Style Personality

    Here's the thing, you can’t dress every client in the same 40 pieces. We need to know WHO the client is before telling them what clothing to invest in. During Part 1, we will begin learning how to discover a client’ s style brand by identifying the style categories and how to determine which ones your clients fall into based on their personality, lifestyle, career, and values. Think of this as the Meyers-Briggs of personal style.

  • Capsule Wardrobes, P2

    Building Custom Capsules

    Capsule wardrobes are more than a Pinterest list or a French style book. Based on what we learned in Part 1 about style personalities, we’ll go deeper and show you how to apply them in order to create effective capsule wardrobes. We'll nerd out and learn how to look at the amalgamation of a style personality, work dress codes, career objectives, body type, coloring, and budget in order to create a client's style brand. It is from this point that we can identify what pieces their capsule wardrobe should entail. For example, what are the wardrobe pieces and specific styles for a working mom graphic designer versus a single mid-30s attorney up for partnership. In the end, you will have the skill set to truly make a customized capsule wardrobe for each client that accurately reflects their style brand and needs.

  • Undergarment Training + Brand Partnership Field Trip

    Identifying & Establishing Retail Partnerships

    We will complete Day 1 with a field trip to SoHo to learn from three brand retailers: an undergarment specialty store, where we will learn how to fit and suggest undergarments, as well as a clothing brand and designer collective, where we will discuss the various ways to create partnerships (commissions, client discount, free product).

Day 2

  • Menswear Styling, P1

    Be Ready When a Man Calls to Hire You

    Working with men requires a different stylist lens. In Part 1, we'll give you the meat and potatoes of menswear styling. We'll go into detail on proper fit and proportion for men’s clothing as well as what silhouettes and styling details work with different body types. We'll discuss men’s accessories, such as the different tie knots, and when to use each; proper tie-bar placement; and how to utilize and fold pocket squares. You will receive a list of menswear terminology so you can confidently speak the lingo to communicate more adeptly with tailors and sales associates. This training session will also include how to identify your male client’s style and ways to personalize their look through diversifying their brands, cuts, patterns, and accessories. We'll conclude with an open discussion on best practices when working with men to create a comfortable and professional environment for both you and the client.

  • Menswear Styling, P2

    Be Ready to Work with Menswear Experts

    Guest tailor Nick Torres, 3rd-generation tailor and owner of Beyond Bespoke, will be visiting to address specifics on what can and cannot be altered, how to find a skilled tailor, and best practices when working with a tailor. In addition, you will learn about custom, made-to-measure, and bespoke suiting: when to choose custom versus off-the-rack and how to effectively help your client with custom or bespoke suiting selections. By the end of our Menswear Styling sessions, you will have the knowledge to confidently offer an expert level of male styling services.

  • Service & Pricing Infrastructure


    Learn how to establish a unique blend of service packages in order to create long-term clients and secured revenue.

  • From Hourly to Packages

    Currently offering services at an hourly rate? Take the steps to convert your offerings from hourly into packages that sell.

  • Selling Your Services

    Once we have outlined your new service pricing structure, we will then take the steps to create a 1) 12-month promotion calendar, and 2) promote your services throughout the year, and 2) how to gracefully convert a one-service client into a client who books multiple services within a 12-month period.


Two New Services

The skill set to confidently package, price, promote and provide two new styling services.

  • Menswear Styling

  • Capsule Wardrobes

Expanded Styling Skills

Further your styling knowledge to enhance every client service and experience.

  • How To Identify Style Personalities

  • How To Discover a Client's Style Brand

  • How To Fit & Suggest Undergarments

  • How To Speak Menswear Lingo

  • How To Identify Skilled Tailors

  • When & How To Suggest Garment Alterations

Brand & Retail Partnerships

Learn how to work with retailers and service providers to create strategic partnerships.

  • How To Approach Brands & Retailers

  • Ways To Create Partnerships (Commission, Client Discounts, Free Product)

Sales & Marketing Structure

Make money off of your expanded styling skills and refine your existing marketing and sales plans.

  • How To Package Your Services

  • How To Price Service Packages

  • How To Go Beyond One Service With Each Client

  • How To Promote To New vs. Existing Clients

Which session will you attend?

1-Day Training, $450 • 2-Day Training, $897


Meet Sabrina

Upon enrollment, you will have access to our Refine Lounge—a virtual one-stop shop information center, where Sabrina Vertzman will be ready to share everything you need to know to prepare for our training days. Think, detailed itinerary, hotel recommendations, a refined city guide, plus so much more!