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Michelle Rodriguez

Curious (On-Demand)

Book and style your first three clients and learn what personal styling is all about.

Michelle Rodriguez
2 x $797.00

Committed (On-Demand)

Take the steps to building and running a successful personal styling business.

Natalie Tincher

Color Analysis (On-Demand)

Ditch the drapes and learn how to discover your client’s ideal color palettes and patterns using modern, accessible tips and tools.

Natalie Tincher

Body Type Analysis (On-Demand)

Determine your client's body type and how to put her in clothes that fit and flatter her unique shape and proportions.


Color & Body Type Analysis (Bundle)

Bundle & Save!

Michelle Judice

Photo Styling (On-Demand)

Learn how to successfully implement, provide, price and promote photo styling services through your personal styling business.